Two-session transplantation is performed for patients with large bald areas. Previously, it was necessary that minimum 6 to 8 months elapse between two procedures. A novel technique that we started to use makes 2-session procedure be completed in 2 days.

In the first day of the surgery, the donor site is split to right and left halves. Hair follicles at the right side are harvested and transplanted to the first half of the bald area. For the rest bald area, canals are drilled where hair follicles will be transferred through. Thus, 50% of the 2-session transplantation is completed. Hair follicles are harvested from the left region – the second part of the donor site – in the next day and transferred through the canals that were drilled the day before. Transferring maximum number of hair follicles ensures that you will be satisfied with the coverage area.

TDF technique enables transferring 5.000 to 7.000 hair follicles. This figure corresponds to 15.000 to 21.000 hair strands.

ACell + PRP are injected to the recipient site during the procedure and thus, healing period is shortened and new hair follicles are strengthened. Since transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, you may take breaks to meet your needs and to follow all steps of the procedure.

Since all canals at the bald area are opened with lateral slit technique, post-procedural complaints, including but not limited to swelling, edema and pain, are minimized. Since follicles are transferred at the physiological direction of hair growth, the natural appearance enhances the satisfaction.
2. For the second session, you may have the hair transplant the other day without need to wait for 7 to 8 months.

What are advantages of ACell + PRP – assisted TDF?

  • Maximum number of hair follicles is transferred to the donor site with no damage.
  • Healing period is short, since lateral slit method is used for follicle transfer.
  • New hair strands will be stronger, since ACell + PRP are injected during the transfer.
  • ACell + PRP-assisted Hair Transplant help rapid and scar-free healing by minimizing transplant-derived wounds at the donor site.
Hair Transplant