Robotic Hair Transplant is a technology that is designed to enhance comfort and minimize errors in the hair transplant. Robotic hair transplant implies a procedure that is characterized with automated harvesting of healthy hair follicles with a robot and transplanting hair grafts manually. Accordingly, robotic hair transplant can be considered as a version of a hair transplant combined with the robotic world.

Hair transplant robot is designed to minimize errors that originate from the human factor. While hair transplant robot was designed, leading hair transplant physicians and researches took into consideration the margin of error and optical error that are the case in manual transfer as well as attention and precision. Direction and slope of the hair re-growth depend on care and attention of the physician in other hair transplantation methods. For robotic hair transplant, various parameters, including but not limited to the distance between hair follicles and direction and slope of re-growth are, however, sensed by the robot. Hair transplant robot eliminates margin of error by magnifying the follicular unit by 10.000x with a specific magnifying lens. High-resolution digital imaging system updates parameter of distance once in every second by magnifying each follicular unit by 50x. Smart algorithms of the robot calculate direction of re-growth and depth of transplantation. Another advantage provided by hair transplant robot is that healthy hairs are not damaged, while hair follicles are harvested.

A personalized hair is designed for each patient before robotic hair transplant. Patient is photographed at 5 different projections in order to create a 3D model and all images are loaded to the system. –3D technology enables us to determine how many follicles are required for hair transplant, where hair line will be drawn and possible outcomes of the hair transplant – all based on images of the patient.

In robotic hair transplant, all healthy hair follicles can be transplanted in a single session or some follicles can be transferred in the second session in the next day. Patient can be discharged to home after the procedure; no hospital stay is required. Since healing occurs rapidly, patients may resume daily activities within several days.

How does Hair Transplant Robot Operate?

dr-servet-terziler-robotik-sac-ekimi-artasThe donor area of hair follicles to be harvested by hair transplant robot is marked. Hair at the donor site are trimmed to 1 mm in order to enable the robot analyze and monitor follicular units and harvest thereof without loss. Anesthetic agent is instilled to the donor site. Tension apparatus fixed onto the recipient site in order to prevent damage of hair follicles by hair transplant robot. Thus, the robot can be precisely operated.

Automation system of the hair transplant robot uses 4 different operation parameters. The operator determines the depth of the follicle that will be collected with the assistance of instructions on the computer display. Operator determines the skin profile of the patient based on images that are seen on the computer display and decides how deeply the scalp will be drilled. The other parameter is used to calculate mean slope according to growth direction of hair at the donor site. Hair transplant robot is automatically aligned to this angle and the procedure starts. Operator input is available whenever required. The angle or processing speed of the robot can be modified.

After Robotic Hair Transplant

The period after robotic hair transplant is identical to that of other hair transplantation methods. Hair transplant doctors inform the patient in detail about how hair should be protected and washed. At this stage, it is sufficient to follow recommendations of the doctor.

Growth of transplant hair follows a physiological process. New hairs will start growing in 3-month period and growth is accelerated in Month 6. The real outcomes will be visible at the end of the first year. Outcomes of robotic hair transplant are natural in appearance. Hairs can be grown and dressed as desired after the procedure.

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