PRP is the abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma that is preferred in treatment of various hair problems. Although PRP is especially applied to prevent hair loss, it is also efficient in revitalizing weak hair follicles. This positive effect on rich hair follicles paved the way to integration of PRP with hair transplant surgeries.

This method contributes revitalizing and restoring health of hair strands by using patient’s own blood:

Ten cc of venous blood is drawn for PRP. Next, thrombocyte is filtered from the blood and the red blood that contains coagulation factors and PGF (Platelet Growth Factor) is specifically treated and injected to the recipient zone. This method takes approximately 30 minutes and feeling is similar to what patient feels while drawing blood and receiving an injection therapy.

The main principle is to avoid hair transplant surgery before age of 22 years. Hair restoration is preferred for patients who experience hair loss at younger ages. Moreover, PRP and hair mesotherapy ensures that almost dead hair follicles are revitalized and health of hair strands is restored, irrespective of age of the patient.


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