FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) HAIR TRANSPLANT

Hair transplants and restorations imply harvesting hair follicles from healthy donor zones (back of the neck between two ears) and transferring them to bald sites or areas with more than 50% hair loss due to a reason whatsoever.

It is possible to correct a mistake, but it is so difficult. It is a very critical surgery that should be carried out by a very experienced physician, who is assisted by a specialized and experienced team, at operating theater conditions.

One-session surgery takes approximately 5 to 7 hours. In the FUE technique, 1.000 to 3.500 hair grafts or 2.500 to 10.000 strands are transferred in a single session. FUE hair transplant causes minimal tissue damage that is no means comparable to démodé methods. This method does also not result in labor loss. Hair transplant surgery may, sometimes, require more than one session depending on stage of hair loss and size of the bald area.

For patients who require more than one session, mean 6 to 8 months should elapse or Two Days FUE (two sessions in two days) can be preferred depending on the status of the donor site.

Pain killers and antibiotics that are postoperatively recommended by the doctor help alleviating possible postoperative problems.

Each hair follicle should be transplanted very carefully, like embroidering, with a huge patience at a particular slope in accordance with hair profile of the person, while natural-looking appearance should be prioritized. This approach requires sound patience, eye of an aesthetician and focusing.

It is a matter of well-synchronized team work. This modality should be performed in a well-equipped hospital. If requirements are analyzed based on patient-doctor interview, patients realize their dreams. We feel more than happy when you witness on the mirror that your dreams come true. All those exterior alterations we achieved will also trigger positive interior feelings, resulting in a happier person with a satisfied mood.

I am very happy and honored to specify that you are at the safest facility in this field. Keep in mind that health comes before anything else.

Hair Transplant