When scalp is examined before the transplantation, some patients may have sufficient hair at the donor site, but the hair may be unacceptably thin or even feathery or miniaturized in nature. ACell + PRP are injected to boost thickness of those hairs in order to make the donor site ready for hair transplant.

If number of grafts is not enough to cover the bald area, ACell + PRP-assisted hair transplant may improve outcomes of the restoration in hair transplant cases.

ACell + PRP-assisted Hair Transplant help rapid and scar-free healing by minimizing transplant-derived wounds at the donor site.

The extracellular matrix of the formula activates the follicle cells and ensures viability thereof until hair follicles are transferred to the recipient site. Thus, more viable hair follicles will be transplanted. This method keeps hairs alive, resulting in increased possibility of successful outcome.

Normally, no hair grows again at the donor site, where follicles are harvested. However, ACell + PRP stimulate regeneration of follicle and increase possibility of hair growth at the donor site in a substantial rate.

ACell + PRP-assisted hair transplant poses five significant effects:

  • Patients with very thin hair at the donor site are prepared for hair transplant,
  • If there is a hair disease, ACell + PRP heal the disorder and make the zone ready for transplant,
  • Procedure-related wound and damage at the donor site heals very quickly with no scar formation,
  • Since hair follicles are regenerated at the donor site, re-growth of hair is enabled,
  • Success and quality of the hair transplant are increased.

In addition to hair transplant, hair follicles are strengthened and thus, a protective treatment is created by reducing risk of future hair loss and thinning. Appearance of well haired scalp is facilitated by boosting volume of the transplant and existing hairs.

Transplant hair will grow more quickly.

Another positive impact that is visualized in many cases is related with facilitating growth of darker hair by improving and strengthening pigmentation.

For patients who have history of dissatisfied hair transplant, ACell + PRP not only improves outcome of the prior transplant, but it may also make the scalp ready for a new transplant.

Application period does not prolong the transplantation period. Since anesthetic agent is administered for hair transplantation, patient feels no pain. A single session of ACell + PRP will be sufficient. It can be repeated one year later, if required, albeit rare.

Hair Transplant